GALRI is a joint venture association of San Francisco Bay Area architects who have been working in Haiti since January of 2010.    The name GALRI comes from the Kreyol word for veranda or porch, that essential Haitian place that mediates between the private interior and the public community life.  We are focused on cultural connection and environmental sustainability as vital sparks in regeneration and redevelopment.


Christopher Robin Andrews

Architect & Town Planner--Director


Martin Hammer

Architect--International Project Manager 


Professor Seth Wachtel

University of San Francisco

Educational Director 


Frank Giunta

Project & Administrative Manager


Randolph Langenbach

Historic/Preservation Advisor

In Haiti, the accomplished architect Frederick (Fredo) Mangones has been a most generous host and ally.


We have received invaluable assistance in business development and liaison in Haiti from the Haitian American entrepreneur Claude Alexander.


We are currently partnering with two economic analysts--Manuel Knight and Jonathan Davol to bring clear financial forecasting to our projects.


With these colleagues and many others, we are strongly linked to Haitian and international networks of environmental development professionals. 


You can contact us at: 


Christopher Robin Andrews

Architect & Town Planner

5429 Telegraph Ave. Oakland CA 94609

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