Cap Haitien Block & Building Typologies


Cindy Michel, a Haitian American Architect, has made an extensive study of "Kreyol Settlement Structure", as related to form of Cap Hatien.   She writes "Cap-Haitienís urban typologies are defined by the existing fabric spatial and block types.  Spatial conditions differ depending on whether they are found in the Historic Center of the city or in the newer growth.  Conditions in the historic center are geometrically regular and defined by buildings both public and private." 

"By contrast, in the newer parts of the city they are often irregular--not defined by buildings or public buildings fronting onto them."  Regarding building typologies, "Mixed-use buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings are very similar: load bearing masonry; one to three-stories; facades meet the right-of-way forming the wall of streets and squares; with second and/or third floor balconies."

  ~Link to Cindy Michel Website~