~haiti reconstruction plans--introduction~

Since the earthquake of January 2010, several plans for the physical reconstruction and redevelopment of Haiti, and in particular of the city and metropolitan area of Port au Prince, which suffered the brunt of the earthquake damage, and which houses the majority of Haiti's citizens, have forwarded by several institutions, public and private.  Notwithstanding the difficulties caused by the trauma and tragedy of the earthquake, the process of widespread dissemination, peer review, community input, subsequent revision, public approval, adoption and implementation of these plans has been delayed by several factors including:


Ongoing general political uncertainty

The lack of a coherent and transparent forum for environmental planning in Haiti, including difficulties in coordination and clarity about what institutions might best manage and implement various aspects

The dominance to date of emergency relief efforts over long term reconstruction efforts

Structural challenges in Haitian civil society institutions and processes that precede the earthquake

Difficulty of obtaining reliable base information for planning

Lack of a progressive understanding of the critically required integration of the environmental development disciplines, both on the Haitian and International level

Language Translation--Kreyol, French, English & Spanish  


Herein we provide summary information on each known plan, including on their sponsors, and links to the documents that are publicly available.  Several of the plans have not been made available for public review--it is imperative that be done immediately, so that Haitian citizens and other concerned parties can examine and  compare them, in an open forum for public and professional input established prior to implementation of any plan or part thereof, and so that consequently the reconstruction of Haiti can proceed in an expedient, environmentally sustainable and culturally connected manner.