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ISPAN is The Haitian National Institute for Historic Preservation, charged with documenting and promoting the preservation of Haiti's cultural heritage, especially focused on the environmental legacy of architecture and landscape.  Below are links to the invaluable, 30 bulletins (in French) ISPAN has issued since June of 2009,  and also to English translations, albeit rough, that keep the formatting and pictures.  Here is a link to an introductory letter (in English) from ISPAN's Director, Daniel Elie.

  BULLETINS (French)
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 (note-titles below are partial, bulletins have more material)


No. 1--National Heritage

No. 2--Iron Market I

No. 3--Fort Dessalines I

No. 4--Fort Drouet

No. 5--Fort Dessalines II

No. 6--National Palace

No. 7--Fort Jaques

No. 8--ISPAN--30 years

No. 9--35 Seconds...

No. 10--Jacme1 I

No. 11--Citadel

No. 12--Belladere

No. 13--Iron Market II

No. 14--Citadel Artillery

No. 15--Fort Saint Louis

No. 16--Saint Nicolas

No. 17--Port au Prince

No. 18--Sabourin

No. 19--Concerns...

No. 20--Iron Market III

No. 21--Jacmel II

No. 22--Crete a Pierrot

No. 23--Fort Picolet

No. 24--Culture Engine

No. 25--The Gingerbreads

No. 26--Jeremie

No. 27--Laws & Decrees...

No. 28--Citadel III

No. 29--Ramiers

No. 30--Price Mill-Fr.

Sp. Ed. Jeremie-Fr.

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