We have been blessed to meet and form alliances with talented and dedicated like minded folks, both in Haiti and internationally.


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Fredo Mangones, Architect

Ginette Bungener, Architect

Claude Alexander, Haitian American Entrepeneur

Life Giving Force, Water Purification

SOIL, Soil Resource Management

Riyaz Fazal--Recording Heritage Network

Manuel L. Knight, Tourism Planner & Advisor

Jonathan Davol, Real Estate Consulting

Randolph Langenbach 

The University of San Francisco

Builders without Borders

Mary Ellen Andrews, Photographer


We have been inspired by the work of many who have come before us, who have charted this course of cultural connection and environmental sustainability.


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Patti Stouter Landscape Architect

Cindy Michel Architect

DPZ (Andres Duany & Elizabeth Plater Zyberk)

Jack Bertholet & Martine Gaume Architects

Jay Dearborn Edwards, Geographer, Historian

Anghelen Arrington Philipps Artist 

Steven Mouzon Architect

Entrepeneurs du Monde


David Sacca/Handicap International 

The Bidonvilles

The Gingerbreads