The work shown herein has been largely compiled by Christopher Robin Andrews, with contributions by his colleagues Martin Hammer, Seth Wachtel,  Randolph Langenbach, Frank Giunta, Henri Mannik and Manuel Knight, among others to numerous to name.  Other important inspiration comes from the work of Mary Ellen Andrews, Anghelen Arrington Philipps, Patti Stouter, J.D. Edwards, J.M. Vlach, Gilles De Chabineaux, Jack Bertholet, Martine Gaume, Christopher Alexander, Murray Silverstein, Hajo Neis, Peter Bosselmann, Cat Chang, Cindy Michel, Kevin Rowell, Tom Schacher, Stephen A. Mouzon, Andres Duany, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.  In Haiti we are especially indebted to Fredo Mangones, Regine LaRoche, Alex Josef, Marcellus Ismael, Jackie Labrom and Jean Elie Gilles...many hands!



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